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  1. Got Me Rockin'
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Hey, pretty girl with them high heel wheels
Won't ya' come and take a ride with me?
Take you round' the ben where the road don't end
But I can't afford your gasoline

Eye looking' wild, little devil with a smile
Got me blowin' off all my steam
Cherry red dress and a sun that never sets
Got your legs sweatin' on my seats

Flask on the dash and a tray for the ash
Better save another drag for me
The road never ends stop thinkin' bout' your friends
Won't ya' come a' runnin' home with me

She, got me rockin'
She got me rockin' rollin' stoned and livin' free
She, got me rollin'
Rollin' down that highway, honey
Won't ya come a runnin' on home with me

Hey, pretty girl got me shakin' at the knees
Honey, won't ya let my motor breathe
Oh yeah she's takin' off her top when we're coming to a stop
She the meanest girl I've ever seen

Kick the pedal to the floor
Gettin' ready for the score
Lick ya lips like you're such a tease
Speedin' like a demon, she the girl that got ya dreamin'
Now her daddy's out lookin' for me